Horn Please

Address:167 St Georges Road North Fitzroy | Price: $15-25 | Vegetarian: some options | Rating: 8/10 | Value for money: 8/10

Decor: Spacious when you walk in, there is usually a black and white movie being projected onto one of the walls and a few other oddities that make the place just feel cool. Immediately we were served water in metal cups, which at first felt a bit “dentisty” but its nice to do things differently sometimes.

Service: Very friendly when you walk and when you walk out, although in between the service can sometimes be a tad sparse, but overall its fine.

Menu: The menu wasn’t ridiculously big like some curry places yet still had a bit of variety. I had the curried Goat which was excellent and I head the butter chicken the same. The usual rice, Naan, Dahl you’d expect at an Indian restaurant are all nice. Papadums and chutney to be honest are a bit underwhelming. There was an coldish spinach dish that was the only vegetarian option which was a bit different. There are also a number of wines to choose from, as well as beer from Sri Lanka.

Experience: If you want to go out for a nice curry with your partner or friends, this is an ideal spot. Its Reasonably spacious, clean and has excellent food. It’s Maybe a little more pricey than your average Indian, but the food is of an excellent quality so its still well worth it.

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