Mixed Business Clifton Hill

Address: 486 Queens Parade Clifton Hill Victoria 3068 | Food: Modern Breakfast and Brunch |  Price: $15 | Vegetarian Option: Plenty | Rating: 9/10 | Value for Money: 8/10

Decor: Walking towards Mixed Business one can only think that you are walking into an old servo, but once inside its clean and roomy. There are also spots outside in the courtyard and out the front to sit down.

Service: Nearly always pretty good. Personally I prefer to have one person serve me rather than multiple asking whether I am ready to order, but at least you get sat and asked if you want a coffee as soon as you sit down. There is always water on the tables which is a must for any Melbourne breakfast cafe.

Menu: The standard breakfast options appear, including a porridge that looks tasty, but I went for the poached eggs on rye with greek beans and a lamb sausage.

If you’ve been out the night before, they also have fresh soda with mint that is refreshingly good.


The beans are so good, especially with the cheese shaving over the top and the lamb sausage. Eggs are always perfect too. The coffees are top notch and the service is good. Overall, this is one of the top breakfast places in Melbourne and because it’s in Clifton Hill, doesn’t always get accompanied by the long queues you get at other popular spots like Proud Mary. I will continue going there every couple of weeks because its so reliably good and value for money.

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