Ladro Fitzroy

Address:224 Gertrude St Fitzroy | Price: $20-35 | Vegetarian: heaps of options | Rating: 8/10 | Value for money: 6/10

Decor: Ladro looks and feels like the middle class pizza parlour that it is. It’s slate floor and the number of people they cram in to a small space means it can get a little noisy, but its all part of the ambience and the fact its always busy means it feels like your in amongst it.

Service: Despite the fact the staff are often confined in how they can get to you with the crammed nature of the layout, the service is excellent. Whether asking questions about the specials or what’s on the wine list, the waiting staff are very knowledgeable and happy to answer any questions. I love a waitress who recommends something because she’s tasted it and loves it. It gives that element of confidence.

Menu: If you like paying more than $20 for a thin crust pizza with not much on it, then Ladro is the place for you. Having said that, the pizzas are delicious and they use such fresh ingredients. The only issue is that 1 is not enough because they are a bit on the small and slim side.

There are always a couple of specials, including normally a pasta one and on this evening a  dish of young lamb.

Experience: Every time I go to Ladro because a  pizza would be nice, I end up spending $100 for the two of us and then wonder how it happened.

We got there and immediately felt like a wine. I had a nice Pinot that had just come onto the menu and my partner for the evening had a white she liked.

We ordered one of each of the specials, the pasta a spaghetti with seafood and the slow cooked lamb. To start we ordered $9 olives. Not sure when that whole thing started, but maybe they got the idea from Huxtable down the road that people will pay whatever price is on the menu even for food that is scooped out of a jar or tin and put in a bowl. The mains were delicious. Fresh pasta and fresh seafood was a great combination. The lamb was also what I felt like on a cold winter’s night.

I felt like I wanted to be there as soon as I walked in the door. It’s got a good vibe even though a lot of people are crammed in.

Its the perfect kind of Italian – simple fresh food done well – and as a result they can charge what they like.

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